In order to congratulate the Australian Open on its successful holding in Melbourne and to promote the spirit of sports, as the official furniture partner of the Australian Open, the world-famous furniture brand – Muse DeRUCCI, introduced the concept of healthy sleep to the Australian Open competition, advocated that we care about sleep and health, and help countries The player achieved good results.

January 18 and 19, mousse in Melbourne Boroondara T Ennis C Entre Stadium, held a grand Mousse Cup Tennis Championship.

A total of more than 100 players signed up for this event. Through strict selection, the last 64 Chinese and Australian outstanding players were shortlisted for the competition. After two days of fierce competition, 39 matches were produced, respectively, the men’s singles, women’s singles and mixed doubles.

This event is hosted by DeRUCCI and organized by Juao Media.

Full details can be seen at the page linked here. http://ausfocus.com.au/web/index/newsDetail/22893/1



This event aims heritage sportsmanship of the Australian Open, at the same time so that every tennis enthusiast to enjoy the wonderful game of tennis, so that every member of the audience went to the site experience match what the event.

The world’s leading high-end furniture brand mousse DeRUCCI consecutive year sponsoring the Australian network activity, as the use of healthy sleep innovative technology solutions worldwide leader in case, mousse DeRUCCI promote comprehensive health and an active lifestyle and healthy sleep culture



The important guests present at this event are:
Mr Jason Zhou , General Manager of Mousse Melbourne
Mr. Bruce Atkinson, Member of the Victorian House of Lords
Mr. Box Ham State Member Paul Hammer
Boroondara mayor Cr Cynthia Watson Ms.
Victoria multicultural ambassador, former Australian ambassador people Zhao Jiebao Xiansheng
Mr. Paul Gaff, Referee of the Muse Cup Tennis Championship
Ms. Qin Ling , President of Juao International Media Group
Mr. Ji Jianmin , Executive Chairman of the Australian Chinese Liaison Association, Vice Chairman of the Victoria Chinese Association
Mr. Zhou Guohua , Chairman of Australia Shanghai and Shanghai Business Promotion Association
Ms. Feng Danhong , Executive Chairman of Australia Guangdong Friendship Association
Ms. Guo Zining , Chairman of the Australian Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Wang Yue , Executive Chairman of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Australia

Guest congratulations



Mr. Jason Zhou, General Manager of Mousse Melbourne, gave a welcome speech on behalf of Mousse: Thank you very much for your presence. As the official furniture partner of the Australian Open, Mousse is very happy to host the Mousse Cup Tennis Championship before the Australian Open. Tennis lovers feel the charm and passion of tennis in advance.

The concept of global healthy sleep advocated by Muse coincides with the sports spirit promoted by the Australian Open. They are people-oriented. Exercise and sleep occupy most of the life. How to make good use of such an important time. It is vital to improving one’s spirit and fitness.

As an integrator of healthy sleep resources, Mousse, in conjunction with the International Advanced Ergonomics Research Center, Sleep Research Center, Industrial Design R & D Base, etc., uses cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence to jointly build a human healthy sleep system. The global speciality store has exceeded 4000 Homes in more than 20 countries and regions including Australia, the United States and Italy.

Boroondara Mayor Cr Cynthia Watson said at the opening ceremony: I am very glad to be able to represent Boroondara city government to participate in this event. I am very happy to see so many excellent tennis players gathered here.

I am also a tennis lover and I also play tennis. I am grateful mousse DeRUCCI can organize such activities tennis, so that everyone can participate in tennis. I hope that the contestants in this competition can achieve a very good result.

Chinese New Year is coming, and I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year here. The Australian Open is a famous sports feast in Australia. I hope everyone can pay more attention to the Australian Open.

Mr Paul Gaff, the referee of the Muse Cup Tennis Championship, said: Welcome everyone here. There are many players from different regions signing up for the game, including those who participate in the Australian Open. The men’s singles competition will be particularly fierce.

This time the players are of a high level and I look forward to their performance. I am also grateful to Mousse for providing such a good game for tennis players and enthusiasts. This is very meaningful. I believe that the players will know each other during the two days of the game. Enhance friendship and wish everyone good results.

I also hope that everyone can go to the Australian Open to watch the game.

Victoria’s multicultural ambassador and former Australian people’s ambassador Mr. Zhao Jiebao said: I am very glad to be invited to attend this event. The Australian Open has more than 100 years of history. Exchanges to promote sports spirit and culture.

Today I saw that Mousse, as a company, is willing to give back to the society and hold such a meaningful championship game on its own, spreading the universal value of the society. I am very happy. The society needs more loving and responsible companies to stand up and support the society. Charity.

Although I don’t play tennis, I also learned some interesting tennis rules and knowledge through activities. For example, the tennis score Three love is 3: 0, which is the meaning of holding an event.

In addition, the Chinese New Year is coming. On this holiday season, I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Awards ceremony

The men’s singles winner of the Mousse Cup Tennis Championship is Harry Bouchier, the men’s singles runner-up is Vai Corbett, and the men’s singles runner-up is Yu Tong Su and William Ma.

The women’s singles champion of the Muse Cup Tennis Championship is Tina Bianchi, the women’s singles runner-up is Fang Wang, and the women’s singles semi-finals are Rose Tyson and Ying Lin.

Mousse Cup tennis mixed doubles championship winner is T AO Hu / Ying Lin, winner of mixed doubles runner-up for the Rose Tyson / C HEN Hu, winner of the mixed doubles semi-finals for the project: Eric Cao / Melissa Wundersitz and ED MA / Lina Song.

Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles champions will receive a prize of $ 2000 Australian dollars + two tickets to the Australian Open men’s or women’s singles finals.

Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles runners-up receive a prize of $ 500 + two Australian Open Men’s or Women’s Singles final tickets

Men’s singles, women’s singles, mixed doubles semi-finals get PZZ4-001 latex pillow and mousse massage eye mask

Group photo of the winners and guests

Match scene

Participants’ heroes

Live audience cheers for participating players

The enthusiasm of the guests at the scene was very high, and they were eager to try. Everyone was discussing the situation of the game in the rest area.

Mousse Free Tennis Course

The event is also a tennis family Jia in China event, especially mousse hire a professional tennis coach, scene professor children playing tennis, children in the game of tennis also felt happy.


Mousse also provided a lot of gifts for the audience at the event. There were couple pillows and New Year gift boxes, as well as tennis supplies. The enthusiasm was full of joy. The event was full of laughter and praise. The event was a high-level event.

Mousse also provided final tickets for the Australian Open as raffle prizes, encouraging everyone to go to the Australian Open scene to cheer on athletes from all countries!

Australian Open coming, Mousse cheers

Event time: During the Mousse Open and the Australian Open

(January 06, 2020-February 06, 2020)

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