Type of Tournaments

At the Boroondara Tennis Centre

Types of Tournaments at the Boroondara Tennis Centre

Most of the tournaments held here at the Boroondara Tennis Centre are events sanctioned by the State and National Tennis bodies; Tennis Victoria and Tennis Australia.  These can be divided into several different types of tournaments.

Junior Development Series Tournaments (JDS)

The Junior Development Series (JDS) is a series of introductory tournaments aimed for beginner to intermediate players aged 9/u – 15/u across Victoria. The JDS tournaments do not offer Australian Ranking points and are often played in a round-robin format to maintain a development focus.    The younger age groups in these tournaments will often use the special low compression development balls or ‘green’ balls.   JDS tournaments also form a key part of Tennis Victoria’s junior talent identification in the state.  Click here for more 

Junior Tour Tournaments (JT)

Junior Tour tournaments (JT’s) are separated into four levels of events – bronze, silver, gold and platinum (strongest). Across Australia JT’s are conducted for players (boys and girls) in age groups 16/u, 14/u and 12/u. All JT’s in these age groups carry Australian Ranking points depending on level of tournament sanctioning. Entry is open to all juniors subject to the rules and regulations governing each tournament.  Click here for more

Australia Money Tournaments (AMT)

Australia Money Tournaments (AMTs) are positioned just below the ITF Open Pro Tour events. There are four levels of AMTs – bronze, silver, gold and platinum (strongest). The number of Australian Ranking points and prize money available are based on the level of the tournament.  Click here for more

Leveller Tournaments

Team Tennis also run a number of Leveller tournaments every year, usually during school holiday periods. The Leveller System is a multi-match tournament that allows all players regardless of age and ability, to continue playing matches throughout the entire tournament against players of similar standard.

These tournaments guarantee at least 5 matches per day. Players play 1 – 2 qualifying matches then work their way through the draw win or lose and play off for numerous trophies each day. Most Leveller events run over 3 days and players can compete on however many days they choose or play over the complete duration of the tournament.

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) Tournaments

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